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TEAM WND - Portrait of the week - The Assistant Manager.

Aviola is an ambitious young entrepreneur and the Assistant Manager of WND, in charge of the development of the company for the Indonesian region. She joined our team in June and has already shown impressive skills and performance. Learn more about Aviola here:

Aviola managing the shooting for one of our customer

Hey Aviola, for those who want to know more about you and your journey can you tell us about you?

I’m 25 years old and from Jakarta. I moved to Bali one year ago. I love it here, since I really like dancing and singing.

What and where did you study and why have you chosen to work for a marketing agency?

I graduated from a prestigious communication school in Jakarta, the London School of Public Relations. I was in International Relations studies and it drove me to learn French, which in turn inspired me to write about intercultural analysis of French expatriates in Jakarta for my bachelor thesis. This also led me to study in Germany. I was an intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia, and international issues have been my main focus.

Before working for WND Sustainable Marketing, I worked at the Canada Immigration in Jakarta. I did not focus on marketing before, but I gained a lot of marketing experience in university. I handled social-media accounts for every university project. This was more than just training: it was a real commercial enterprise where we sold our products/services, made campaigns.

What’s your role at WND Sustainable Marketing?

I am the Assistant Manager and I'm handling content creation for our clients. Looking for ideas has been a challenge. We must learn how we can be better than our competitors, and how to impress our clients. We must not only create something, but be able to gauge the impact of the creation to know whether or not it is successful. We provide full analytics and devise ways to make it better.

What is your vision of sustainability?

Sustainability now is becoming a trend for most companies. It is true that everything we use or consume has consequences down the road. It is heartening that people now assume more responsibility for taking care of this planet.

I am grateful that, as I write this, WND is playing a role in promoting sustainability. We are starting small by supporting @mulungparahita for their campaign in educating local people in Bali about the problem of single-use plastics, as well as the growing volume of trash in general. This campaign appeals to the practical nature of the Balinese by giving vouchers to people who collect and dispose of trash.

I hope that this campaign will help Indonesians, in this case, Balinese, understand the nature of trash, plastic, and the consequences of improper disposal. It’s a good approach for the locals and helps the government to fight plastic waste.

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