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Interview of the week - Kohei, Founder of

Interview of the week: What is a green entrepreneur? Every week one of our clients will share their vision of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Hi Kohei, could you introduce yourself and tell us what it means to you to be an entrepreneur?

Hi, I’m Kohei Leverd and I’m from Bora Bora. To me, being an entrepreneur means taking risks, using your intuition to guide the decisions you make, always seeking progress, and doing what you love.

What made you decide to start your fashion brand?

I wanted to work in fashion from a very young age. My grandmother was a designer and my grandfather a photographer. Later on I decided to study fashion in Melbourne, Australia and prepare myself to eventually start the brand that is now KOHEI.

What makes your business sustainable?

KOHEI prioritizes having a positive social and environmental impact on our world. We use small ateliers in Bali, hire Balinese artisans to hand-make our pieces, use natural fabrics and plant dyes, and wrap our products in sustainable packaging. Our team of artists and creators is like family.

Why do you think sustainability is an important value for businesses?

Sustainability is the future. By following a sustainable path we can protect the planet, one step at a time.

What has it been like working with WND as your marketing team?

The team is open-minded and optimistic, as well as dynamic and hardworking. They always put forth their best effort on my brand and do a great job creating content that represents my brand and really flows.

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