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Our dedicated service to help you build upon and improve your reach on social media. 


  • We are human, we do not utilise bots and we do not buy followers. We also advise that you don’t subscribe to these kinds of services, affordable and promising as they may seem. We won’t take risks with your business by cutting corners. We handle your accounts personally and as if they are our own.

  • We craft custom-made social media marketing to fit your philosophy, your targets, and your goals. We'll take the time to understand your project and your needs to ensure that our collaboration with you is seamless and synchronised. 

  • We are connected 24/7. We make ourselves available to you should you need assistance at no extra cost. 

  • We generate real traffic to impact your sales. We value real connection and believe in the products and companies we work with. We don’t create illusions and we don’t buy followers. 

  • We are a green digital agency. We are committed to supporting environmentally conscious products and companies, establishing partnerships and collaborations with individuals who are working towards sustainable goals and who care about our planet.  

  • We are competitively priced. 

  • We are flexible. Reached your goals and want to pause our services? No problem. Want to upgrade or adjust your package? We can do that, too. Need help with another project? Talk to us about how we can help.


It’s no secret that moving your business online is a pivotal move towards success. However, a lot of companies still struggle to harness the power of social media which means they don't use it or they don't use it well. At WND Sustainable Marketing we understand the impact your platform can have and we know how to utilize it to your advantage. 

​Choosing one of our packages is a great way to get great marketing without investing money you don’t have. Your returns on investment with our packages are unbeatable compared to other offers and strategies you might see online. 

Our packages are best suited to small to medium enterprises that want to offload the task of creating or enhancing their social presence in order to spend more time growing your business.


  • We increase the number of followers and real human engagement across all your social networks and convert it into sales

  • We provide custom-made management of your social media pages and campaigns, according to best standards and practices

  • We offer guidance from our team of social media experts on how to capitalise on your improved engagement and convert new traffic into sales.

  • 4 scheduled posts per week

  • 5 hours of management per week on days that work for you

  • Hashtags and target audience research

  • 1 social media channel: Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin

  • Design + structure of your social media


  • Social media revamp

  • 6 scheduled posts per week

  • 2 hours of management per day

  • Hashtags and target audience research

  • A 6-month WND Action Plan, detailed and tailor-made for you

  • 2 social media channels: Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin

  • 1 newsletter per month

  • Copywriting

  • Image sourcing


  • Revamp or complete redesign of your Social Media

  • 6 to 10 scheduled posts per week

  • 4 hours of management per day

  • Hashtags and target audience research

  • A 6-month WND Action Plan, detailed and tailor-made for you

  • 3 social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

  • 1 newsletter per week

  • Copywriting

  • Image Sourcing

  • Setting up and managing your online sales platform


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